Wine Experiences

Hands-on Harvest

Cultivate your inner winemaker with complimentary afternoon wine experiences every Friday and Sunday with guest sommelier and wine educator Sandi Lucchesi. Or go all out and help with an actual crush in a custom harvest experience.

Aroma Sessions

Fridays 4-5pm | September 20 - October 25
Complimentary to Hotel Healdsburg Guests

Have you ever wondered why wine experts “nose” a glass of wine before taking a sip? It’s because how a wine tastes is just as -- if not more -- influenced by our olfactory receptors as our tastebuds. Take your wine knowledge to the next level with this complimentary session on aromas. Using a stunning display of fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables, and all things found in nature, Sandi Lucchesi will teach you how to pick out specific aromas in wine to better appreciate the subtle nuances and describe them with ease.

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Blending Workshops

Sundays 4-5pm | September 22 – October 27
Complimentary to Hotel Healdsburg Guests

Indulge your winemaking fantasies by creating a wine blend all your own. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn about three different varietals commonly found in red blends and what attributes -- like color, tannins, acid, or a unique flavor profile -- each contributes to the mix. Then you’ll be free to experiment with different proportions of each (yes, there will be beakers and graduated cylinders just like winemakers use) in blending your own wines to see how each affects the outcome of the finished wine. Make as many blends as you like to find your perfect blend!

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Custom Crush Experiences

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If you’ve always dreamt of being part of the action, we can bring your dream to life with a custom vineyard experience. We’ll arrange with one of our favorite wineries for you to pitch in with tasks like picking grapes, sorting bunches, or helping with punch-downs. There’s no better way to experience the rush of harvest than by being in the heart of all the action.