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Body Treatments

Stone Crop Massage

Nourish and hydrate your skin while soothing tired, sore and achy muscles with this special summer massage. At the end of your massage you will be left with a soft, satin finish.

50 min - $150   |   100 min - $300

Stone Crop Summer Soother

This luscious summer treatment will stimulate and hydrate your skin, while revitalizing your body and mind. A combination of Eminence’s Stone Crop Body Polish, Stone Crop Body Gel and luxurious Stone Crop Body Oil, will detoxify and sooth summer skin. Enjoy a relaxing scalp and foot massage while the treatment is absorbed.

100 min - $300

Healdsburg Signature Massage

Achieve full body relaxation with our restorative Swedish-style massage enhanced by specially formulated aromatic oils. Our skilled therapists use a variety of techniques, from hot stone to acupressure, to address your specific needs.

50 min - $135   |   100 min - $270

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Taking the traditional hot stone massage to another level, warmed 100% pure Himalayan salt stones are used to massage the body while radiating heat deep into the muscles. Natural minerals are replenished and electromagnetic energy is balanced leaving you deeply relaxed while reducing soreness and inflammation. The result is a renewed sense of energy and connectedness to both the earth and self.

100 min - $300

Deep Tissue Massage

Intensive deep tissue massage focuses on the muscles where your stress is stored. Feel tightness melt away as tension is released from deep within.

50 min - $150   |   100 min - $300

Athletic Relief Massage

A specially crafted therapeutic massage to soothe the specific muscles stressed during your work out. Customized to your activity, special attention will be applied to specific areas of concern. Alternating hot and cool stones, deep stretches and a custom blend of cedar and citrus oils are strategically used to provide deep relief to all levels of athletes.

50 min - $150   |   100 min - $300

Maternity Massage

Luxuriate in a soothing massage designed just for the expectant mother (our therapists are specially trained in prenatal treatments) using locally crafted biodynamic and organic products. For even more pampering, add on a hand or foot treatment. Please mention how far along in your pregnancy you are at the time of booking.

50 min - $150   |   100 min - $300

Hot Stone Massage

Warm, polished basalt stones glide like molten silk over the body while radiating heat deep into the muscles. The result is a sense of tranquility and connectedness to both earth and self.

100 min - $300

Meyer Lemon and Sage Massage

A sumptuous massage featuring a fragrant herbal, citrus mix of locally-sourced essential oils. For full information, see our Farm to Spa Collection.

50 min - $150   |   100 min - $300

Meyer Lemon Sage Purifying Body Polish

An exfoliating dry brush followed by an invigorating rub with raw sugar infused with the essence of local Meyer lemons and botanical flower petals. Finish with a luxurious full body application of Meyer lemon and sage body butter.

50 min - $150

Meyer Lemon Sage Herbal Wrap

Circulation is stimulated with a dry brush and then feel your tension melt away as your you're wrapped in warm blankets and locally produced biodynamic lemon verbena body milk. While your body warms, enjoy a gentle foot, neck and shoulder massage using herbal infused lotion.

50 min - $150

Lavender Peppermint Restorative Massage

Two powerful restorative herbs - lavender and peppermint - come together in this unique massage. Warm compresses of healing Himalayan salt and local herbs are placed along meridian lines to detoxify the body. Various massage techniques soothe tight muscles using rich lavender body butter leaving the skin hydrated and nourished.

50 min - $150   |   100 min - $300